Custom Groundbreaking Embedment


  • Custom Groundbreaking Embedment. Create a custom Groundbreaking Embedment for your Groundbreaking Ceremony or Construction Event. Embedments are made from acrylic lucite and feature a wide range of personalization options. Embed a miniature gold or silver groundbreaking shovel inside the lucite with your event information and thank your architects, builders, donors, and everyone else who has made your Groundbreaking Celebration possible. 

    These award keepsakes are made custom to order, so the possibilities for making a design that is 100% unique are endless. We are able to do custom shapes, other items (other than shovels), and personalization on the inside and outsides of the acrylic. 

    Contact us or Request a Quote and one of our Customer Service Specialists will help you begin designing your Custom Groundbreaking Embedment. 

Groundbreaking Ceremony Planning Guide


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