Hosting a Groundbreaking or Ribbon Cutting Ceremony During COVID-19

Hosting a Groundbreaking or Ribbon Cutting Ceremony During COVID-19

2020 has brought forth unprecedented challenges for businesses and communities. In a time when social distancing has become the norm, it is difficult to plan for events. But it is important now, more than ever, to find ways to continue celebrating the milestones of our success. Companies and communities across America are finding creative and innovative solutions to come together for Groundbreaking and Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies so that they can celebrate and commemorate the people who have made their construction projects possible.



In some areas, small events can still take place if you maintain safe social distancing guidelines. Create a screening station at the event entrance with temperature checks, hand sanitizer, and COVID questionnaires. Check with your local government for guidelines for your area. Before arrival, ask guests to wait to be screened before entering and ask them to space themselves 6 or more feet apart while waiting their turn. Have extra face masks available for your guests to use in the event they forgot their own.

When preparing for the event ceremony, space participants safely apart. Setting up shovel or scissor stands in the positions participants should stand will allow you to pre-plan for photos while keeping everyone safe.
Lydall hosts Groundbreaking Ceremony in Rochester, NH - Jul 24, 2020 [Daryl Carlson/]

  • JTA Virtual Ribbon Cutting Ceremony


Virtual meetings are becoming the cornerstone of 2020 and Groundbreaking and Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies are no exception.

Consider ordering scissors, ribbon, or miniature shovels with your company or organization’s logo engraved. These can be shipped directly to your guests as commemorative keepsakes. Invite them to participate in a virtual celebration where individuals paramount to your project can still be recognized and thanked for their accomplishments.

For Ribbon Cuttings, you may even consider providing each guest with a miniature ribbon to cut at their desk on camera.
JTA Virtual Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
  • EASD Virtual Ribbon Cutting Ceremony


A combination of in-person and virtual participation is becoming the most popular method for hosting Groundbreakings and Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies in 2020.

Invite a few people to participate in the actual Groundbreaking Ceremony or Ribbon Cutting and stream the event directly to your attendees. Share the information and links for the event on your social media page or email them directly to your guests.

Whatever you choose to do, remember that these events are about celebrating the people that made your project possible. Commemorate and thank them for their hard work and dedication and include them in the day, whether it be virtually or in-person. 

Virtual Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

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