Chrome Shovel Comparison

All Groundbreaking Shovels are Not Created Equal

There are shovels and then there are Engraving, Awards & Gifts’ groundbreaking shovels. Our groundbreaking shovels are finished to a much higher level than standard hardware store or contractor shovels, and are manufactured exclusively for use at a groundbreaking ceremony.

Do your clients deserve premium groundbreaking shovels at an exceptional price? Will they know the difference? Compare the features below, and you’ll never again settle for less than our groundbreaking shovel!

The Chrome

Our groundbreaking shovel's spade has a flashy, chrome plated ripple-free mirror finish.

A hardware store's shovel's spade is dull, bumpy, and riddled with defects.




Free of Metal Markings

Our groundbreaking shovel was designed with no obtrusive markings, stamps or logos on the metal parts. Our shovels do not have any "tempered" or "made in China" stamps.

A hardware store shovel will proudly advertise itself with embossed logos and stampings out in the open for all to see. After all, it's free advertising.




Free of Wood Markings

The hardwood surfaces on our shovels are covered with a smooth, thick layer of lacquer, and are free of unsightly stamps, logos and "Made in China" Stickers.



Easy Disassembly

We designed our groundbreaking shovel with matching screws that allow you to easily disassemble the shovel for painting or other forms of customization.

Hardware store shovels are assembled with permanent, pressed-in rivets, or screws that have been glued in. You can't take apart hardware store shovels.




Smooth Transitions

Smooth transitions between the wooden areas and the chrome areas illustrate the precision craftsmanship of our groundbreaking shovels. You can actually feel the quality when you hold the lacquer finished handles!

Hardware store shovels are, well, from hardware stores.




Clean Ears

Our groundbreaking shovels have reverse turned steps that bend backward from the spade, providing a clean, refined look.

Hardware store shovels have forward turned steps that bend forward and clutter up the spade.




Our groundbreaking shovels are shipped all over the globe. We needed a package that would protect them during shipping, transport them to the groundbreaking ceremony in unscathed condition, and store them after the ceremony. Our reusable, self shipping container does all that, and saves packaging time too with it's easy in, easy out design.

Hardware store shovels were never intended to be boxed, so chances are they will be shipped to you in whatever is available.

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January 22, 2021

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