Groundbreaking Kits

Our line of Groundbreaking Shovel Kits include our most popular gold, chrome, silver, and custom painted ceremonial shovels and hard hats - each featuring a wide range of custom personalization options to choose from. Each Groundbreaking Kit includes the option to add shovel display stands and bows. 


Full Size Ceremonial Shovels

We are the industry leaders in the manufacturing and personalization of custom Groundbreaking Shovels. We offer a range of products, from high-end gold and chrome plated shovels to more economical and traditional options perfect for all budgets. 

Our award-winning personalization experts will help you to create a custom shovel that is tailored perfectly to your brand and event needs. 


Small Ceremonial Shovels

Will there be children participating in your groundbreaking event? Our Small Ceremonial Shovel collection features 26" long groundbreaking shovels that are ideal for events with kids.

These compact shovels also serve as a perfect option for commemorating the event with a mounted shovel plaque. These shovels are available in 23 stock colors or can be custom painted to match your brand colors.


Shovel Keepsakes

At any event, it is important to thank your guests for taking the time to attend your event. We offer a wide range of commemorative keepsakes for your guests to take home, from miniature shovels and desk accessories, to keychains, chocolates, and more.

Ceremonial Carpet / Stanchions

Groundbreaking events are often hosted at undeveloped properties and construction sites where your guests will get their shoes dirty and heels will sink into the mud. Offer your guests a VIP experience with red carpet and roped stanchions.


Ceremonial Hard Hats

Our line of Ceremonial Hard Hats are the perfect accessory to pair with your shovels for your Groundbreaking or construction event. Many customers will include builder, architect, and company logos on their hard hats for marketing and branding.

Our hard hats can be personalized with full color printed vinyl appliques or direct printing and are available in a range of colors including gold and chrome.


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