Personalization Services

Engraving, Awards & Gifts has been an industry leader in custom personalization. We offer laser engraving, rotary engraving, full color printing, screen printing, vinyl applique and vinyl wrapping.

We offer Laser Engraving and Rotary Engraving. Laser Engraving is a method of using laser technology to burn an image into metal, wood, or plastic. Rotary Engraving is a process of etching an image directly into a surface, such as metal or glass.

Our pre-laser engraved products are simply select items within our product lines that have been pre-engraved with standard generic wording for the type of event you may be celebrating. These would include, but are not limited to, selections such as “GROUNDBREAKING ”, “GRAND OPENING”, “RIBBON CUTTING” with the current year, and often available in a variety of locations. These generically personalized, event specific engravings allow us to maintain a stock supply of items that are ready to ship immediately if your event time frame does not allow for unique customization specifically for your individual event.

Our laser engraving process is performed with high powered lasers that cause the material being engraved to partially vaporize at the focal point of the laser beam. Depending upon the substrate being used, this will either melt, burn or induce a chemical reaction with the material and/or any specialized marking substances applied to its surface. Most commonly this will result in a very dark, near black laser engraved design on metal and a near white frosted appearance on acrylic. This process does not specifically allow a color to be applied as the laser is engraving. However, we do offer a color fill option where we are able to apply color to the laser engraved area after the process has been completed, on most all substances except for metal and acrylic.

Full Color (or Digital UV Printing) and Screen Printing are somewhat similar processes but with several very distinct differences.

The screen printing process is well over a century old. It involves the use of a stencil to imprint images onto material. The process involves transferring ink through a mesh-like stencil as pressure is applied, forcing ink onto the surface of the material below. When multiple colors are involved in a design, several layers of stencils are utilized, one for each individual color within the design. The transferred ink adheres to the material as it cures, primarily by air drying and/or the addition of heat.

The digital UV printing process applies ink directly to a variety of substrates without the use of stencils or other guides. This process is very similar to a desktop computer printer, but on a much larger and far more accurate scale. Utilizing specialized inks that react to ultraviolet light allows the ink to dry and cure instantly upon application. Due to the immediate curing, the inks do not have an opportunity to evaporate into the air or absorb into the material, resulting in a more vibrant rendition of your design on a wide variety of materials. The precision of digital printing permits a much higher level of detail to be held in your design, and the final result will also be much more durable with this process.

EAG offers a wide range of color possibilities. We can digitally (full color) or screen print directly onto the surface of any flat product such as the blades of our scissors or apply a fully opaque vinyl decal to any three-dimensional product such as the curved spades of our shovels. We also offer Pad Printing services on many of our products.

PMS or Pantone Colors are an established collection of colors. Every screen and every printer processes colors a little bit differently. The color you see on your screen may look very different than what we see on ours. A PMS color is a physical swatch (like a paint chip) that establishes what that color is supposed to look like. EAG references Coated pantone colors for all of our processes.
Not all Pantone Colors can be reproduced with digital printers so we can’t always guarantee a perfect match, but we will do our best to be as close as possible.

Many companies have established brand guidelines or standards with this information recorded. Contact your Marketing or Graphic Design department and ask them if they have the information.

EAG will print the color to the best of our ability with the information we have. If we don’t have a PMS color to reference, we are unable to guarantee a 100% color match. Some of our customers in these situations have mailed us a physical print of their business card or marketing materials to match from and you are welcome to do the same!

We can use almost any font and EAG has thousands on-file. If you have a specific font you would like to use, please email the .ttf or .otf font file to your Customer Service Representative or ask us if we already have the font you’re looking for. If you would like to layout your artwork yourself in a vector program using your own fonts, please convert the fonts to outlines before sending (see our Artwork Submission Guidelines for more information.)

Of course! You will receive a digital proof of your layout before we begin production on all of our custom orders. You will have an opportunity to request any changes you would like to see made.