Personalization Services

Which Personalization Services do you offer?


Laser Engraving is one of the most versatile personalization services we offer here at EAG. It is the process of burning an image or text onto a surface via heat. Laser Engraving metal causes a chemical reaction that turns the metal black. Laser Engraving wood burns away layers of wood leaving an embossed wood burned effect. The wood burning can be left raw (aka dark burn) or color-filled (painted).

What materials can be laser engraved?
  • Most Metals
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Stone
  • Laser Engraved Custom Groundbreaking Shovel
  • Laser Engraved Gold Plate
  • Laser Engraved Wooden Award Plaque with Gold Color Fill
  • Laser Engraved Wooden Gift Boxes


Rotary Engraving is the height of classical elegance and is a traditional engraving service. A rotary engraving machine drags a diamond tipped burnisher against the material to carve away the surface. When this is done against metals, the engraving can be left raw (leaving a bright engraving that shines) or it can be darkened chemically (leaving dark engraving against a shiny background)

. What materials can be rotary engraved?
  • Metal
  • Jewelry (watches, bracelets, etc)
  • Plastic
  • Rotary Engraved Gold Firefighter Axe Award
  • Rotary Engraved Stainless Steel Whistle Award
  • Rotary Engraved Gold Gavel Band Award


We offer UV cured full color direct printing which allows customers to digitally print directly on any flat surface. UV curing enables the printing to dry instantly, allowing for fast production times. We print with the highest quality ink to create opaque non-transparent prints and can print any color, including white.

What materials can be full color direct printed?
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Paper/Cardboard
  • Full Color Direct Printed Acrylic Awards
  • Custom Full Color Direct Printed Gold Disc
  • Full Color Direct Printed Wooden Gift Boxes
  • Full Color Direct Printed Gift Boxes


EAG offers roll-to-roll wide format full color printing. Much like our Direct Printer, this service is UV cured, allowing for fast production times. We can print directly on high thread count fabrics, such as ribbon, or signage material such as vinyl. We can also create precision cut die-cut vinyl decals. Our ink is opaque, allowing the decals to be applied to any color surface and we can print any color, including white.

What materials can be printed?
  • Clear or White Vinyl (for small decals or large signage)
  • Fabric
  • Full Color Vinyl Applique on Groundbreaking Hard Hat
  • Custom Full Color Printed Satin Grand Opening Ribbon
  • Custom Full Color Printed Vinyl Birthday Banner Sign
  • Full Color Printed Vinyl Wrapped Groundbreaking Shovel Handle

Do you only personalize your own products?

Not at all! In fact, we often have companies utilize us for large-run product personalization services such as part engraving, packaging materials, custom mugs, and branding/promotional items. Contact us to discuss the needs of your project.

What is your turnaround?

Standard production time is 10 business days (product-specific exceptions may apply) and does not include time in shipment for the purpose of determining delivery dates. Production time begins once all necessary line copy, artwork, product information and proof approvals are received.

Expedited Services are available if you need your products sooner than our standard turnaround. We will quote your order based on your individual needs and recommend shipping and expedited services that aid in meeting your requested in-hands date.

Artwork Proof & Layout Pricing

Bitmap Supplied Artwork/Layout   |   1 Hour Proof & 1 Revision $85
Additional Artwork/Layout beyond 1 Hour   |   Per Hour - $70
Vector Supplied Artwork/Layout Proof & 1 Revision $50
Artwork Modification to Existing On-file Artwork/Layout   Proof & 1 Revision $45
Text and/or Artwork on File Proof & 1 Revision $15
Virtual Proof Layout  Proof & 1 Revision Contact Us!

To learn about Bitmap/Vector submission types, see Artwork Submission Guidelines below.

Artwork Submission Guidelines

What file formats do you accept?

Vector files should be submitted as an AI, EPS, PDF, or CDR file. All fonts should be converted to outlines/curves. If you have specific brand guidelines or fonts that need to be incorporated throughout your project, please feel free to send those along as well. If personalizing in color, please provide your Pantone (PMS) colors whenever possible.

Non-vector files (bitmaps) can be submitted as JPGs, PNGs, PSDs, and Word Documents. Publisher and Powerpoint files are also acceptable, though we would prefer these be saved as PDFs first.

What is the difference between bitmap and vector artwork?

Bitmap artwork is any image or logo that is created with pixels. These are single layered objects that cannot be easily edited or manipulated. Here at EAG, most of our personalization services require artwork to be in a vector format. These are special files that are created in vector design programs such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw. Vector files are made of layered lines (not pixels) and can be adjusted to work with any engraving or printing service.

Examples of bitmap files are JPGs, PNGs, and PSDs. The most common file types for vector files are AI, EPS, PDF, and CDR. It is important to note that bitmap files that are re-saved in a vector file format do not become vector files automatically. A professional needs to manually draw the outlines of each layer and object before saving so that an outline or wireframe version can be seen.

What if I don't have a vector file?

Most companies and organizations have vector files available. Ask your Marketing or Graphic Design Department for a copy. But if you cannot get one, don't worry! Our Graphic Design specialists will vectorize your artwork for you. Just supply us with the best image you have and we'll take care of the rest.

How do I submit my artwork?

You can attach your artwork to the Quote Request form on our website or by emailing the files to (maximum file size 25mb). Files that exceed this size should be uploaded to a cloud sharing service such as Google Drive or Dropbox. In the sharing settings, please set general access to "Anyone on the internet with link can view" to ensure we can share the file with both our sales and artwork teams.

Please include the following on all artwork submissions:

• Company/organization information (if applicable)

• Contact name

• Phone number

• Name of EAG Customer Service person that you are working with

• Brand standards/guidelines (if available)

• PMS (Pantone) colors if personalizing in color

What are PMS (Pantone) Colors?

The Pantone Matching System (PMS) is a universal color chip matching system that helps printers ensure the accuracy of colors. Colors look different from screen to screen and a PMS color allows us to compare a physical color chip (imagine a painter's chip you would see at a hardware store) to the color produced from our printers. Accurate color is critical to most brands and is an important piece of information for ensuring that brand standards are maintained.

 What if I don't have PMS colors?

Most organizations have this information and it can be requested through your Marketing or Graphic Design department. If you submit your artwork in RGB, CMYK, or HEX we will choose a PMS color based on the information we have available. Note that the color may differ from its intended design and EAG will not be responsible for inaccurately printed colors if PMS color values were not supplied.

When will I see a proof?

Our Artwork Department is working full-time to deliver proofs and product virtuals for all of our custom jobs. Lead time varies based on overall production volume, but we typically aim to provide proofs within a week before shipping. Many of our customers require proofs for meetings or consultations sooner than that and we are happy to accommodate those deadlines wherever possible. Just let your Customer Service Representative know and we'll do our best.