Grand Opening Kit - 15" Chrome Ceremonial Scissors


  • Save time with a Grand Opening Kit! Each kit comes with a pair of 15" chrome plated ceremonial scissors, your choice of ribbon, and two ceremonial bows! You can't go wrong!

    Please choose your ribbon from the following sizes and lengths. 

    • 18" Blank Ribbon, 5 yards
    • 12" Blank Ribbon, 10 yards
    • 8" Blank Ribbon, 20 yards
    • 6" Grand Opening Ribbon, 5 yards
    • 6" R/W/B Ribbon, 5 yards
    • 6" Blank Ribbon, 25 yards
    • 4" Grand Opening Ribbon - White Lettering, 10 yards
    • 4" Grand Opening Ribbon - Gold Lettering, 10 yards
    • 4" Grand Opening Ribbon - Silver Lettering, 10 yards
    • 4" R/W/B Ribbon, 6 yards
    • 4" Blank Ribbon, 50 yards
    • 2-3/4" R/W/B Ribbon, 50 yards

    Buy blank scissors or choose from the following pre-engraved stock options:

    • GRAND OPENING 2022

    Or contact us for custom personalized scissors.

  • Our grand opening kits feature a wide variety of personalization options to choose from. These scissors can be personalized, and we offer a large selection of ribbons and bows to choose from. Planning your grand opening ceremony has never been easier. Select from the options below to explore the customization options available for this Grand Opening Kit, or Contact Us to discuss your project.

    Ribbon Cutting Scissors 
    15" Chrome Plated Ceremonial Ribbon Cutting Scissors


    18" Blank Ribbon
    12" Blank Ribbon
    8" Blank Ribbon
    6" Grand Opening Ribbon
    6" R/W/B Ribbon
    6" Blank Ribbon
    4" Grand Opening Ribbon
    4" R/W/B Ribbon
    4" Blank Ribbon
    2-3/4" Ribbon



    Ceremonial Bows

    Our award-winning Graphic Design team will work with you to design the perfect custom layout. Submit your Artwork by Requesting a Quote or email us at to discuss your project!

    See our Personalization Services page for more information about the services we offer, artwork pricing, and artwork submission guidelines. 

  Personalization Template

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Planning Guide


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